One Deck Galaxy

Created by Chris Cieslik

A whole galaxy in One Deck! Grow your civilization from space-faring newbies to galactic leaders in this solo/co-op tabletop adventure.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

BackerKit - Changing Pledge Levels
14 days ago – Thu, Aug 04, 2022 at 12:35:28 AM

Hello friends! I wanted to give a quick update on BackerKit, and a question we've gotten from a few people - How to switch pledge levels. It's a little hidden, but not too hard!

If you're just starting your survey, there's some teeny text below the Just Started button, illustrated in Glorious Purple below:

If you click it, it'll bring up the interface to change your pledge:

From there you can proceed through the survey as normal.

If you've already done the survey, or if you realize you want to change after you've completed it, you can still do so! The "Your Pledge Level" text you see here is actually totally secretly a link: 

 Once you click it, you'll get a popup for Your Pledge information. There's another teeny text which will allow you to switch your pledge levels if you click it: 

The rest of the BackerKit surveys will be going out tonight and overnight. If you have any questions feel free to let me know - we're at Gen Con this weekend but I'll be checking messages at night. Booth #1619 - come visit :)

BackerKit Opening! Gen Con This Week! Exclamation Points ! ! !
14 days ago – Wed, Aug 03, 2022 at 09:27:40 PM

Hello! We are busy at work preparing for our booth at Gen Con, but we have some good news - the BackerKit is opening this week. The emails get sent out in waves, most will be going out Wednesday, with a handful earlier than that for testing purposes. 

The BackerKit will be open until early September. This is because the game will be completed in early September, and we need to route the correct quantities to various hubs across the world! If you don't get your info entered by then, we'll do our best to get you a game, but it may be substantially delayed. If we can't get it to you, we'll issue you a refund. 

If you haven't used BackerKit before, basically it's purpose is to collect addresses, shipping fees, and allow you to swap your pledge level or add-on more games. The money you pledged via Kickstarter goes in as a credit, so for most folks you'll just be paying for shipping/VAT and entering your address.


You'll be able to add on copies of One Deck Galaxy (or Deluxe One Deck Galaxy) during the BackerKit, along with switching your pledge from base to deluxe if you want. Quantities of Deluxe are limited, so the earlier you do that the better! 

We had discussed hopefully being able to add One Deck Dungeon / Forest of Shadows as add-ons, but the logistics simply didn't work out. They should be widely available in stores. We don't have a current plan for printing ODD Deluxe, but we do have another expansion planned for the future, and its crowdfunding campaign would be the most likely time for that to happen!

Shipping Costs / VAT

As you may have heard, shipping's pretty wild right now. We've been working hard to get the best options/quotes we can, across various regions. The prices that you'll see in the BackerKit are a touch higher than our estimates (5-30%, varying per region and order size), but with fuel surcharges and inflation there wasn't a lot we could do to avoid it. Aside from teleporters which...the Zibzab told us they'd be ready. Are they ready? No. 

For UK and EU backers, VAT will be charged on your pledge and add-ons during the BackerKit checkout. 

Questions / Special Cases / Refunds

If anything doesn't work right, feel free to reach out and we'll work on fixing it as soon as possible. This week is Gen Con and I won't be able to reply to things quite as quickly as normal, but I'll do my best! 

If your pledge has any special things (Beta backer from PAX U, other special order configurations we've discussed in PMs), shoot me a message and I'll fix it in the BackerKit. 

No credit cards will be charged until September when the BackerKit closes.

If you require a refund for any reason (It's totally OK! We understand - it's a weird time in the world), just let me know and I'll get it processed.

Gen Con Booth #1619

Come and visit! If you're at Gen Con, our booth is themed as the Galactic Game & Travel Nexus this year. We've got brochures! Promo cards! Pins! We'll have samples of the foil tokens on hand if anyone's curious to see them. We're not doing demos in the booth this year - we're trying to keep our interactions brief due to COVID, but we'd love to say hello :)

If you're not at Gen Con, we'll be releasing PDFs of our 2022 promo cards after the show for all to download/print at home, including the crossover One Deck Galaxy/One Deck Dungeon card! 

Tokens, Schedule, Gen Con!
29 days ago – Tue, Jul 19, 2022 at 11:38:43 PM

Hello friends from around the galaxy but actually mostly friends on Earth (except for our two Martian backers, who, well...I have some bad news for you on shipping!)

I come to you with some photos, and these photos are specifically of our Deluxe tokens,  which are now approved and in production. These're quick photos from my phone here of the samples we received:

All the tokens!

Doing the foil selection for our tokens was a wild process - not every foil we had been shown was in stock, but we picked the best available version for each of the four colors and I'm pretty happy with how they came out! I will note that in static photos, the "sparkle" factor is higher than they look in person, because of how light, eyes, and motion work. Trust me, they look cool, and if you opted for our deluxe version, you're going to enjoy them! 

Overall, sourcing on parts has been slow this year (not just these tokens), and the process of getting everything ready for print took much longer than we'd hoped or anticipated. It's been an extremely frustrating process, one that we are glad has finally come to a close! Production is now underway. 

Target Dates

The factory has promised us a completion date of September 10. I am going to hold them to that as best I can - it's far later than we anticipated when we delivered files this Spring, and it means that we'll be shipping orders to backers in late October and early November. I apologize again for these delays, but I am very confident in the product we're shipping to you all. There's a lot of good game in our little One Deck Galaxy box, which we hope will provide you with many many hours of enjoyment!

BackerKit & Gen Con

Now that we have dates in hand, we'll be opening the BackerKit up right before Gen Con, and it will stay open through September.  We will be posting a KS update specifically with BackerKit instructions on the day we open it up.

At Gen Con, we'll have a copy of the game on-hand if you want to see the shiny foil tokens or any of the other components, although we won't be doing demos in our booth. Because of COVID, we're doing a quick-visit style booth. It's going to be fun! We'd love to see you if you decide to stop by :)

Galactic Queue Update & Sample Photos!
3 months ago – Wed, May 25, 2022 at 10:32:23 PM

Hello space galaxy cosmic friends and backers! I wanted to bring a quick update to you all on how things are proceeding - and we have some photos of samples from the factory to share. Now, I could write paragraphs setting up these photos that you'll probably just wisely scroll past, so instead - photos:

It's the shiny game box!
Banana* for scale. *-okay, its not actually a banana.
The regal Elemens have done some galactic exploring already!
Tokens (normal edition - plastic samples are still in the works)
Campaign sheets! Will you be a Sprout or a Legendtree?

(gratuitous flipping noises)

Overall, we're super happy with how everything looks. The box is a teeny bit taller than ODD/ODD: Forest, but still nice and compact :)


With everything approved and sampled (except plastic tokens - those're approved but we're still waiting on samples, bit more detailed of a process), the game's in the production queue and we're still hoping to be shipping it to you all late this Summer. I'll share info on that once I have it, boat schedules, etc. 

We've held off opening the BackerKit for a couple reasons. First: fluctuating shipping prices. The closer we are to when we ship, the more accurate it'll be! Second: address changes. Nobody likes doing address changes, it's the worst. 

Overall, we're super excited to get this game in your hands as soon as we can! Hope everyone has a fun rest of May, including potentially a 3-day weekend for our US-based friendos.

Spring Update! Fix the Galaxy, Save the...BackerKit?
4 months ago – Sat, Apr 09, 2022 at 01:21:40 AM

Hello friends, backers, and future galactic adventurers! Sorry for the quiet period, but we've been hard at work on the game. You might (quite legitimately!) ask: "Working on the game? But you said it was done!", and my answer is that I did indeed think it was done, but a couple of playtests in particular illuminated some issues.  Specifically: the Adversaries functioned and weren't broken, but still weren't quite fun/varied enough in the ways I wanted them to be.  So, I took a long look (again) at all of them, made one final wave of revisions and enhancements, and we tested the heck out of it. Kudos go out to Joe for helping me run a Lot of Playtests, and to Rob for dealing with the graphics + art fallout and extra work that resulted. The game is better for it, and I'm really excited now to get it into all of your hands! 

Files to Factory: Last Proofreads!

We're going to be submitting the files to the factory early next week, now that everything is finally balanced and done. While we've taken a pretty thorough look through the rules, a few extra sets of eyes never hurt. If you'd like to take a peek, you're welcome to, and if you happen to find a typo, grammatical debacle, or secret Zibzab sabotage, we're happy to hear it (and fix it!).

Rules PDF:

Adversary Quickguide PDF:

For feedback, a direct message is fine, email to asmadigames at gmail dot com, or a comment if neither of those works for you! Future site of CONTENT!

This Spring, as we wait for the game to go through the production and shipping queue, we'll be working on more content for the website. We have plans for a many things, but here are few key highlights:

  • Comprehensive 4-Player Rules
  • Tutorial Videos - both quickstart and thorough explanation versions (Will be links to YouTube)
  • Downloadable Campaign Sheets - Just in case you play 150 games and use them all up, or just want some extra copies.
  • Super Challenge Mode - Just in case the game is way too easy, which has been a problem for One Deck Dungeon, I hear everyone has a 100% win-rate!

BackerKit: Why is it Hiding, and What are its Secrets?

We haven't opened the BackerKit yet, which we had planned to do early in the year. To be blunt: fixing up the game took priority. Setting up all the regions and shipping is a lot of work, and it's exactly the sort of work I can work on AFTER the game files are at the factory. I'll be getting on that in the next couple weeks (probably after PAX East). And then, you can give me your addresses, add any add-ons, etc. 

We will post a full update here when the BackerKit launches. 

PAX East: Come say Hi!

We will be in the Tabletop area in a booth with our convention partners, Foam Brain Games (They sell lots of really awesome metal dice). We'll have a couple prototype sets of Galaxy on hand if you want to check it out! We'll also be demoing Good Puppers, and a micro 1001 Odysseys adventure. We'd love to see anyone who's at the show, it's been a long time since we've seen everyone at conventions!